Top 10 from 50 Greatest Magic Tricks

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This post was based on the show that countdown 50 greatest magic tricks that has been perform ever.

In my view, some of the tricks are great and deserve to took that place. But, some are just not. But, hey everybody have their own perspective and the selection are based on some criteria and the best on that year.

So, lets start countdown the number.

10 - The Crossbow (1995) - must see
Hans & Helga Moretti

Performing to shoot a crossbow to an apple that put on the lady head. Blindfolded. Very dangeraous tricks I ever seen. It is not just a trick. Is it about skills. With 2 times trial attemp. Zastt. Bull's Eyes.

9 - Linking Rings (1983)
Richard Ross

Linking ring is just an regular tricks that many magician have done it. But, what makes Richars different is he make it a fun entertainment.

8 - Chop Cup (1985) - must see
Paul Daniels

It is also just an ordinary cup and ball tricks. But, what make it different is, Paul perform it just like it is not a tricks but just a simple move that everybody can do.

He performs it in a high speed acceleration. Your eyes can't catch it. Then suddenly he stop and talk. So smart. And make fun with the audience.

And for the finale as usual the lemon and orange productions.

7 - Smoking Tricks (1996) - must see
Tom Mullica

How many cigarettes you smoke once in a time not a day? I bet you can't bet Tom. He is the lord of the smoker.

He can put a lit cigarettes in his mouth while lit another cigerate. But then he put many lit ciggerates in his mouth while he lit many cigarettes

6 - Flying (1995)
David Copperfield

Fly all around the stage. Do you think he is using black magic? Nonesense. It really a tricks. But, you just can't imagine how he do it.

In that year, it was a very powerfull and memorables tricks ever.

A very expensive trick in term of research and development.

5 - Zig Zag Lady (1965)
Robert Harbin

Em, what can I say about this trick. It has been perform by many magician. Yet, still the powerful tricks that combined the fear and fun.

4 - Doves (1982) - must see
Lance Burton

One of my favorite magician. And birds production is one of tricks that I really want to learn because of the effects.

I'm sure many of you know the tricks but I'm sure you don't know how the tricks done. It different guys.

3 - Metamorphosis
The Pendragons

The great couple magician doing a great tricks. They are doing a human transfer in just a blink of eyes.

This trick needs a good timing and a lot and a lot and a lot of practice.

2 - Levitation
David Blaine

The very impromtu tricks that can make you hover from the ground without any gimic. What you need is your feets.

David has arose his name by doing this tricks and become famous in his Street Magic production.

But, this tricks got several negative critics because of the 'post production tricks'. You know what I mean if you are in this line.

1 - Saw (1995) - must see
David Copperfield

Has been the very thrilled tricks performance. The Cutting Human is also just an orninary tricks. But David has improved and create it like a new tricks.

In first impression, I thought that he has failed is this tricks and get busted. But, It is one of the routine.

Then, he can split his body from his leg and move his leg? Wow!

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