When Your Magic Not Work

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Some times your magic not finish as what it should or as what you want. Just imagine that the card that selected by the audience is not same as what you guess. Why this happen? why your magic not done as what it should be. What you should do when this happen?


The major reason is you are not practice enough. Or maybe you had practice it and have done it perfect before but your not practice it regularly. Then, you just miss out one of the step of the trick. You must practice regularly your trick to make it come as your second nature. Not just one or two tricks. But, the whole routine from start to the end plus with a good patter. Sometimes, the tricks just not rely on the secret or the skill, but depend a lot on what you say.

Then, sometimes the crowd just give you some pressure so that you just can't control yourself. The result? You can't control your game. It should be you control the crowd. Because you are the main actor. But, still. It turn back to the first reason. Lack of practice. You should practice how to control your crowd.


Ok. People sometimes [but sometimes always] make mistake. Then, what you should do if your magic doesn't work?

First, just pretend that there were nothing bad happen. Your spectator still doesn't know what you want to do. So, think of a thing or a jokes that can help you cover your mistake. Then, still. It go back to the main factor. Practice. You should practice and get some idea to cover your mistake.

Short entry right? Because I'm quite lazy right now. Haha. But, I hope I give you some idea.

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